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You try and take good care of yourself. Perhaps you’ve decided it was finally time to remove gluten and dairy from your diet, you’re exercising 4-5 times weekly, and you’re taking your vitamin supplements. Excellent job! But is there anything more that you can do to improve your health?

Were you aware that optimal blood flow plays a critical role in overall health? As we get older or perhaps even due to injury, our circulation can be restricted. With a state of the art technology, you can achieve better circulation in as little as eight minutes twice a day using bioelectromagnetic energy regulation (or BEMER for short).

BEMER is an FDA cleared consumer medical device and is also registered and licensed by Health Canada.  It is very easy to use, non-invasive, and can improve microcirculation in blood flow by up to 30%.

BEMER deploys pulsed electromagnetic field technology to target the smallest network of blood vessels in the body known as the microcirculatory system. BEMERs unique patented signal travels safely through the body allowing for better distribution of oxygen and nutrients and better elimination of waste from the cells. Just think of this signal as gently massaging your micro blood vessels for better distribution of blood.

Your health is an investment, not an expense. With BEMER, you can improve local circulation in a natural, non-invasive way for roughly the same price of a cup of coffee per day over four years.

BEMER is something that can benefit the entire family. The value of our health is priceless. People around the world have incorporated BEMER into their daily routine to optimize their health and you can you!



Posted in Articles, Biohacks

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