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In this special series to the Dr Oz Show website, I rate the effectiveness of a number of popular supplements by grading them on a strict criteria of usability, evidence, and cost. Click on the supplements below to learn more.



The supplement to break through mental clutter and sharpen your mind: PS. A daily dose of phosphatidylserine promotes attention and helps with memory loss



In this video I show you how to incorporate Probiotics into your diet. Soothe your gut and improve your digestion with this super supplement!


Plant Sterols:

Learn how to maximize the benefits of Plant Sterols and protect your heart the natural way!


Alpha Lipoic Acid:

ALA is the universal antioxidant because it works inside and outside of your cells. Find out how this supplement streamlines your metabolism and boosts energy!



The trick that will kick that nasty cold right out of you: zinc. Studies show that taking zinc can shorten the length of the common cold by 42 percent. Get it in your diet by eating meat, legumes and eggs


Ubiquinol CoQ10:

Protect yourself from heart disease. Promote cardiac health, boost energy, and slow the body’s aging process all with one powerhouse antioxidant: ubiquinol


Natural Eggshell Membrane:

The benefits of one of the up and coming superstar supplements for aching joints: natural eggshell membrane.



What you need to know about the popular sleep-aid melatonin!


Vitamin D:

The sunshine vitamin that packs a powerful health punch! Learn more about how you can reap the benefits of vitamin D, especially if you don’t live in a sunny place.

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