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ECHINACEA (Flu Shield):

Echinacea, a traditional herbal medicine that has been long recognized for its immune-stimulating powers, is the most common nutraceutical used in Canada to prevent the flu and common cold. Consumers spend more than $12 million on formulas containing the native North American wildflower in hopes of minimizing the impact of flu, which afflicts 10% to 25% of Canadians each year. Echinacea sales continue to grow at an annual rate of 7%, making it the fastest-growing herbal category in Canada.
I’ve visited a number of Echinacea fields and manufacturing facilies and understand why, after 10 years of development, the leader in the industry is in Italy. They have designed something called “LPx3”. It is one of the most effective flu-prevention natural medicines available. And, as you mentioned you had a Nature Made brand of Echinacea (purpurea) 100 Capsules 350 mg Aerial Parts – Whole Herb Supplement. This is a perfect example of what DOESN’T work. Here’s why (yours is the aerial part and from the plant that contains immune suppressing agents, further still there is so little active anything when it is a whole herb supplement of any kind)…
Not all Echinacea is equal – many products use aerial parts of the plants which contain no bioactivity.

  • Three types used medicinally; Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower), Echinacea pallida (Pale Purple Coneflower) and Echinacea angustifolia (Narrow-Leafed Purple Coneflower)
  • 50% of all commercial formulas are made up of immune-suppressing agents
  • Many products contain both active and in-active ingredients from the root, leaves and flowers – some ironically impede and reduce your immune system
  • Best clinical evidence available shows a selectively-bred LPX3 Echinacea Angustifolia plant is the ideal raw material for a flu prevention supplement

A selectively-bred Echinacea Angustifolia harvested and manufactured in a unique manner yields NO immune suppressive activity

  • the unique high molecular weight of the polysaccharide (5%) found in the Echinacea Angustifolia roots contain immune boosting properties
  • removal of isobutylamides – through a strict purification process the LPX3 extract – does not inhibit the immune system

A product here in Canada called “FluShield” is a clinically proven flu PREVENTION natural product containing LPX3 extract.

  • FluShield is the first flu prevention formula approved by Heath Canada
  • FluShield is effective as an immunostimulant that is scientifically proven to exhibit a direct immunological effect on T cells (the ‘pac man’ cell that eats up viruses)
  • FluShield is the result of over a decade of clinical research

ALLIMAX (garlic)

Allixmax has demonstrated significant antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. The material has also shown an ability to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure as well as increasing CD4-T cell count significantly. Allicin, one of the active principles of freshly crushed garlic, has a variety of antimicrobial activities. Allicin in its pure form was found to exhibit antibacterial activity against a wide range of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria (which is why it is so great at treating sinusitis), including multidrug-resistant enterotoxicogenic strains of Escherichia coli, antifungal activity, particularly against Candida albicans, antiparasitic activity, including some major human intestinal protozoan parasites such as Enamoeba hisolytica and Giardia lamblia and antiviral activity. Garlic is one of the edible plants, which has generated a lot of interest throughout human history as a medicinal panacea. Wide ranges of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses have been shown to be sensitive to crushed garlic preparations. This garlic supplement is odourless!


Many show that the vitamin from sunshine boosts the immune system and even helps prevent some cancers and heart disease. Vitamin D comes mostly from strong sunshine, pills, or milk and some fish. Most Canadians have very low levels of the vitamin. Coming up are the months where we become the lowest. People with the lowest levels of vitamin D in their blood are the most likely to catch colds. Vitamin D levels vary widely in the population. Fair-skinned people in sunny regions tend to have the most; dark-skinned people who don’t get much sun exposure have the least. Most people I test have very low levels. You should ask your doctor to test you – the blood test is called 25OHD. This will help determine the dose that it right for you. On average, I’d recommend 2,000 IU/day of the vitamin D3. Mixing it into a fish oil is even better!


A note on qualifying children’s cold and flu treatment challenges:
Recent changes by Health Canada regarding the availability and use of children’s over-the-counter cough and cold medicines, in addition to the Canadian Medical Association Journal’s (CMAJ) editorial recommendation regarding the use of codeine, a common cough medicine ingredient, has understandably caused parents to question the safety of cold and flu treatment options for their children. Furthermore, dextromethorphan (DMX) is no longer recommended for children and even one dose of acetaminophen is looking like it can do more damage to a young liver than ever thought possible.
The Canadian College of Family Physicians estimates most children will suffer from five to eight colds each year and flu outbreaks typically affect Canadians between winter and spring months. Families need to be aware of safe, effective cold and flu treatment options.
Homeopathic cough, cold and flu medicines are excellent choices for parents who want to help relieve symptoms of their child’s cough, cold or flu. You should NOT give children under 12 echinacea, ginseng derivatives, or any herb without the explicit advice of their healthcare practitioners. Homeopathics however are very safe, effective and approved by Health Canada for children under the age of six. I recommend the following Boiron homeopathic medicines since they have no known side effects, no risk of overdose and no drug interactions.
Coryzalia is proven effective in relieving cold symptoms for children under the age of six. The single-dose format is easy to administer and ensures no risk of overdose. Coryzalia has a neutral taste and is sugar-free, alcohol-free and does not contain dyes or preservatives.

  • Oscillicoccinum is proven effective in relieving flu symptoms for children under the age of six. The single-dose format is hassle-free for children to take and ensures no risk of overdose. Oscillicoccinum has a neutral taste, does not contain dyes or preservatives, and has no known side effects or contraindications.
  • Stodal is proven effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of dry and productive coughs for children under the age of six. The pasteurized honey-based formula has a pleasant taste, and the provided measuring cup makes it easy to administer the right dose with no risk of overdose. Stodal has no known side effects, such as drowsiness, and contains no alcohol and no dyes.


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