Preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro – 5 exciting days away!

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In 5 days I’m heading to Africa for 11 days to climb the highest peak in the country, Mount Kilimanjaro, to bring attention and awareness to a condition that is very close to my heart – mental illness. Climbing a mountain is no easy feat. Beyond having passion and dedication there is a vigorous amount of training and preparation involved – both mentally and physically. So, what does one do to prepare themselves for such a challenging activity?
The follow is a list of some of the initiatives I have taken to help prepare both body and mind for the journey that I will soon be facing.

Energy-boosting foods

Each morning, I start my day with an ‘anti-inflammatory’, alkalizing diet whereby I fuel myself with a greens + morning protein shake. Alongside with this, both my family and I never forget to take our NutraSea+D – omega-3 that has been proven to prevent mental health problems.


Besides eating foods that help keep my body energized, I am also focusing on plyometrics with my trainer Kirk Sutton of Sutton Fitness ( To help support the effectiveness of my training, I always make sure to wear supportive shoes, such as Ecco brand, which I find are excellent for providing support for minor low back problems and flat feet (which I also have incidentally).


Vaccinations of course are a concern for all travellers. In preparation for my travels, I have made sure to visit my local travel clinic and ensure that I am updated on all vaccinations and immunizations further researching additional vaccinations that are recommended prior to entry into Africa.

Natural Health Solutions

In addition to these initiatives, I have also put together a natural first aid kit for myself and my fellow climbers that is filled with health supplements to help increase energy, build strength and improve overall well-being.
Here is a list of natural health products that I recommend for every ‘body’ – whether you are climbing a mountain or simply working towards optimal health:
Fuel – greens + have the ability to boost your nutritional intake, energy and vitality. It is also highly alkaline-forming and rich in antioxidants. It may also help to increase oxygen saturation by increasing the health of red blood cells.
Protection – Curaphyte has designed Burn Cream, an herbal medicine that contains aloe vera and helps relieve minor burns.
Performance – As noted earlier Omega-3 are essential for overall wellbeing, cardiovascular health, joints and a healthy mind. I recommend NutraSea+D a balanced omega-3 formula with vitamin D that is the highest quality omega-3 available.
Relief – Relief Gel is an ideal product that relieves aches and pains of muscles and joints from sports injury such as bruises, sprains, pain of tendons and ligaments as well as tired, aching muscles.
Sleep – Proper sleep in critical for the body to recover and rejuvenate for the day ahead. Night Relief is a product that contains both California poppy and Devil’s claw that provides pain-relief at night as well as mild sedation to allow you to sleep.
In just under a week, I ascend Mount Kilimanjaro in order to help conquer the stigma associated with mental health. My goal is to personally raise $30,000 for the cause. To learn more about this event please click here

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