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Spartan UP with Joe De Sena featuring Bryce Wylde

This episode of Spartan Up with Bryce Wylde is all about Nutrition Hacks from venom peptides, to nutraceuticals, to botanicals.

What is in this Episode

Joe De Sena is the CEO and founder of Spartan Races and The Death Race. He is also a NY Times best selling author of Spartan Up, Spartan Fit, and The Spartan Way. Bryce had the honour of sharing an hour with him on the Spartan Up podcast discussing the latest nutrition hacks. This dynamic duo covered Blue Scorpion venom for immunity and inflammation, Glyteine for optimal detoxification, and what type of supplemental Echinacea or Theanine really works.

They also touch upon the concept of Hormesis: a dose-response phenomenon characterized by low-dose stimulation and high-dose inhibition. This is a biological reaction in which something that produces negative effects at a HIGH dose for a long period of time will opposingly produce beneficial effects at a LOW dose for a short period of time ie. Exercise, Ice baths, Radiation, Molecular Hydrogen, Scorpion Venom etc.

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Joe and Bryce talk about how Spartan warriors drank a refreshing tea that provided energy, healing, and restoration. The ancient elixir’s name in Greek means “he who is made of iron”. Bryce agreed that he loves to promote one of the herbals found within the tea called “ironwort” and was familiar about some literature that shows upregulation of BNDF – brain derived neurotrophic factor – known to enhance mood, neuroplasticity (brain cell communication), and neurogenesis (new brain cell growth) throughout life.

Founder and CSO of mymmunity, Bryce also offers a 30% off of his latest personalized immune protocol found at by entering the code “SPARTAN30” at checkout.


In this info nutrition hack packed podcast, Bryce and Joe discuss what it’s like to biohack your way toward extreme wellness. Listen to it now or on your next run or workout. You can not afford to miss this episode.


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