Biomarkers: Our Body Speaks!

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Our bodies are loaded with functional, health related, and nutritional biomarkers. You want to identify them and immediately include the appropriate antioxidant into your plan so as to avoid the likelihood of developing the condition for which the biomarker represents. As an analogy your body, like a car, has warning lights. When your oil warning light flashes, if all you did was open the hood and disconnect the oil warning light you may get rid of the annoying light and dinging bell tone (the symptom) but soon your engine would explode if you kept on chugging down the highway without filling up on oil. Your body works exactly the same way. Biomarkers are signs of compromised body systems. To prevent them, you just have to know how to read them!
Most biomarkers are visible on your hair, skin, and nails. Hair and nails are actually modified types of skin. The reason that these tissues are tell tale signs of health is because the have been impacted by your state of health over time. They have been influenced by your blood antioxidant levels over time, and then of course they stay around long enough to tell a story.


No shine? Free radicals from the environment are attacking your hair protein. Although this is not dangerous, it is indication that you are low on essential fatty acids — take essential fatty acids such as fish oil.
Premature greying? There may be free radical attack on the pigment of your hair follicle.
Take PABA, and stop eating so many refined carbohydrates!
Hair falling out? Free radicals may be attacking your thyroid, check your TSH and stress levels. Start by take the antioxidant set of B vitamins.


Lots of white spots? Free radicals may be using up excess zinc in the immune system.
You’re possibly zinc deficient. Take some zinc citrate
Vertical ridges (aka Beau’s lines) Your digestive enzymes are low (especially HCL or you’re taking too high a dose of antacid medicine). This causes free radical build up. Get your enzymes checked!
Nails break easily? Free radicals may be attacking your protein. Take the antioxidant amino acids and try the mineral silica.


Got warts? Free radicals are bombarding your immune system. The wart virus is causing free radicals. Take vitamin A.
Dry hands? Inflammation caused by frequent weather changes can cause free radical accumulation. Cream up, wear gloves in the winter, and increase your fish intake — especially deep water fish!
Rosacea? Often there are food sensitivities (especially Tyramine) that can cause immune responses and free radical attack in the vessels of your face and chest. The pseudo-antioxidant vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) will clear it up when it is due to this deficiency.
Cuts heal slowly? Free radicals are beating up your immune system. You’re low on vitamin C and zinc.
Do you bruise easily? Easy bruising an indicator of deficiency of bioflavinoid antioxidants (such as those supplied in antioxidant foods such as berries, cherries, grapes, etc.) and take extra vitamin C
Dark brown elbows? You need B complex vitamins.
Excessive stretch marks? You could use the antioxidant Retin A (topical Retinoic acid form of vitamin A)
Nosebleeds? Your vessels have high levels of free radicals from either injurious situations or perhaps due to fragile capillaries. Either way, increase your antioxidant levels of vitamin C.
Gums bleed frequently? Free radicals may be at the root of chronic infection or perhaps you just don’t floss enough. Take the incredible antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 and more vitamin C.


Dark circles under eyes? It could be genetic, but the antioxidant MSM when applied topically may help. You also may need iron and B12.
Poor night vision? Your eyes are being hit hard by free radicals caused by sunlight and aging. You’ll need optimal levels of vit A and beta carotene
Yellow Sclera (whites of eye’s): signifies liver dysfunction. Free radicals are really high at this point! Time to do a detoxification routine. Support liver function using the body’s strongest antioxidant glutathione (it wouldn’t help to add some dandelion, and milk thistle).


Cracks in side of mouth (angular chelitis): can signify free radical attack on metabolic system called Methylation. Take vitamin B12, vitamin B complex, folic acid, and look into you iron levels.
Mouth Ulcers (aphthous): This often means that inflammatory free radicals are causing protein tissue distruction. Use the antioxidant power of amino acids L-Glutamine and L-Lysine
Lack of taste or smell? Free radicals may be building up due to allergies and the constant release of histamine. Take extra zinc in order to help other antioxidants clear the inflammation.
Inflamed gums (often easy to bleed): The incredible antioxidant vitamin C to the rescue (take it to “bowel tolerance”)


Inflexibility of fingers?: it could be free radical attack causing arthritis. The antioxidant MSM will help along with the vitamin B6
Body temperature chronically elevated/decreased? (this could be your thyroid): if your immune system is being attacked by free radicals it may improve by increasing the antioxidant vit A.
Deep diagonal line across earlobe? This signals heart problems. Protect yourself from cardiovascular disease by taking your antioxidant powerhouses the “ACES” – vitamins A, C, E, and selenium. Add CoQ10 to this mix and you’ll be well protected.
None of these physically observed biomarkers fully replace a thorough physical examination involving comprehensive blood work and vitamin and mineral analysis. Rather, they are great examples of how our bodies post warning flags over time as we become deficient in a life sustaining nutrient and ample antioxidants.

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