Great news for quercetin fans, like myself!

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I’m a huge fan of quercetin, a bioflavonoid found abundantly in onions as well as yellow fruits and vegetables. Hundreds of studies show that quercetin supports immune health; it’s good for heart health and it’s amazing for allergies.

But there are a few obstacles. There’s no way you can eat enough quercetin-containing foods to get to therapeutic levels. And most quercetin supplements not only taste bitter; they also aren’t very well absorbed by the body.

So, I was thrilled to discover a better alternative a few months ago during Expo West in Anaheim. This truly is one of my new favorite health hacks. I recently revealed it to listeners when I was a guest on the Joyous Health podcast, ironically talking about hacking your way to optimal health. Start listening at the 55:00 mark.

It’s called SunActive IsoQ, and it’s truly the intel inside when you see it on labels. This ingredient truly is unbelievable. It’s actually isoquercetin (hence the name IsoQ). It requires way lower doses to deliver the sought-after benefits. It’s about 25 times more bioavailable than free quercetin. And it’s not bitter!

You should consider this ingredient, especially if you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer. It works to help balance the mast cells which are responsible for releasing histamines. As you probably know, histamines are the culprit behind many of the peskiest allergy symptoms.

Thoroughly tested and Generally Recognized as Safe, this ingredient is essentially brand new to the market. You can currently find it as Tomorrow’s Nutrition SunActive IsoQ. Based on its purity, efficacy and quality, I feel confident that the list of brands formulating with this ingredient will soon start to grow.

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