Do You Have The Guts To Be Healthy? CTV Ottawa Part 1

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Let me ask you an important question… Do You Have The Guts To Be Healthy!?
We all know it’s what’s inside that counts!
But what might surprise you…5 Million Canadians are currently suffering from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome of the constipation or diarrhea type. It turns out we DONT have the guts to be healthy.
Your guts represent 80% of your immune system!  We are also learning more about the important relationship between the gut and brain.
When your guts are out of whack and fiber is lacking in your body, bacteria is imbalanced, your digestive processes suffer and your immune system and overall health breaks down. You experience excessive gas and bloating, constipation or diarrhea and as your system struggles to push out waste you become lethargic and may suffer a host of symptoms from headaches to chronic pain.

In this day and age due to a sedentary lifestyle, overuse of antibiotics, and a lack of micro nutrients and fiber in our diets, we are falling apart. Shockingly, we are only consuming about 15 grams daily on average when we should be consuming 35 grams. That’s a discrepancy of FOUR apples! It turns out that our guts are also often deficient in good bacteria. These PRObiotics are can be imbalanced due to a deficiency in fiber! This leaves us constipated or in some cases running to the bathroom.
There is help! “SunFiber” is a soluble fiber from natural guar bean that works to keep you regular and feeds your friendly gut bacteria kind of like fertilizer in soil.
Not to mention, soluble fiber is heart healthy and can support weight loss. In fact one of the most effective ways to help drop weight is to increase your nutritional fiber. SunFiber is tasteless, odourless, and you can sprinkle it onto your salad, blend it into your shake, bake with it, or even sneak it into your kids juice or food without them knowing.
Im really impressed by a new product now widely available in health food stores by Flora called IBS relief. It’s made from SunFiber and has a Health Canada approved claim to help improve bowel regularity in people with IBS as well as it provides a gentle relief of constipation in children.

I am a huge advocate of eating an organic rainbow of fruits and veggies every day! But with recent inflation bringing with it what folks are referring to as “Food Insecurity”, I can understand how some people are falling short. With the ever increasing cost of produce and healthy food at an alarming 10% year over year, it is increasingly difficult for families on a budget to bring healthy, fresh produce to the dinner table.
We also know that kids are likely to turn up their nose to new things like green vegetables which may require several offerings before they’re embraced. And because of this, anyone on a budget is more likely going to serve up what they know their kids will eat which – albeit isn’t always the healthiest option – is cheaper than wasting more expensive healthier food.
I’ve got a simple solution for you there as well. I want to introduce you to Real health super foods. Superfoods are natural food products which contain high concentrations of nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants that are especially beneficial to health and well-being. This is a simple and easy way to conveniently add powerful foods into your current even when you’re on a budget. One teaspoon is equal to a CUP of fresh Kale.
Mix up a powerful smoothie or juice or add a SuperFood topper to your breakfast or lunchtime salad or simply mix some Kale powder into your meatloaf. Kids would never know it was there! My personal favourite… mixing the cacao real health super food powder into my morning oatmeal.

Your health is a priority! It’s time to get the guts to be healthy!

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