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In this Newsmax Health article by reporter Lynn Allison, I described how our brains can become toxic from various environmental factors and chemicals. That accumulation of toxins is associated with cognitive decline. We all want to remain clear-headed as we age! Put your brain at the top of your self-care list.

I’m fascinated by the way the brain is designed to detoxify itself. But over time this process may become less efficient. It’s also possible for your brain to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of toxins it’s exposed to from the environment and your diet. 

Try these three brain detoxification strategies: 

  1. Track your folate intake. Load up on folate-rich foods such as fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables and nuts. Folate, also called vitamin B9, aids in cellular detoxification. 
  2. Supplement with Glyteine to boost your glutathione levels. Glutathione is vital to supporting brain health.. Some people are better at manufacturing glutathione than others, and as we age, our body’s ability to make the substance declines, so supplementation may be necessary. Glyteine, available as Continual-G, raises the cellular levels of glutathione rapidly, within an hour or two.
  3. Get plenty of deep sleep. That’s when your brains do most of their detoxifying. The spaces between the brain’s cells enlarge and accumulated waste can be flushed away. 

Toxins lurk everywhere. These include bleach in the laundry room, and chemicals in foods and cosmetics. You’ve got to pee, poop, sweat or breathe out these toxins. When your output is less than your input, your brain’s health may be compromised. 

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