Why flossing daily is (very) critical for your overall health

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The Surprising Link Between Gum Health and Heart Health

When it comes to maintaining our overall health, most of us know that daily teeth brushing is non-negotiable. But what about flossing? Bryce Wylde, a respected CityTV Health Expert, recently Sid and Meredith on BT to shed light on a topic that might just make you rethink your oral health routine.

A Deeper Look at Oral Health

Flossing does more than just keep your smile bright and prevent bad breath; it plays a crucial role in your overall health and wellbeing. An unhealthy mouth, characterized by plaque buildup or gum infections, can negatively impact your heart health. This is because bacteria from gum infections can travel to other parts of your body, potentially leading to cardiovascular disease.

Yet, daily flossing isn’t a habit for most people. This oversight could be putting their heart health at risk without them even realizing it.

Mindful Health Rituals

Incorporating flossing into your daily health rituals can have a profound effect on not just your oral health but your systemic health too. “Mindful health rituals” like daily flossing can lead to healthier gums, which in turn, supports a healthier heart. After all, overall health starts in your mouth.

Choosing the Right Flossing Products

Understanding that not everyone finds flossing convenient, GUM has developed three innovative products to make this essential task more accessible and effective:

  1. String Floss: The traditional choice for removing plaque from tight spaces between teeth that toothbrushes can’t reach. It’s not just any string floss, though; GUM’s string floss is designed not to shred, break, or sag, making it gentle on gums and effective at preventing gum disease and cavities.
  2. Flossers: Ideal for those on the go, GUM flossers come with extra-strong floss, a control grip handle, and a fresh mint flavor to make flossing quick, easy, and enjoyable.
  3. Soft Picks: For those with braces or dental implants, soft picks offer a gentle, comfortable way to maintain oral hygiene with their ergonomic design and flexible rubber bristles.

The Connection Between Your Mouth and Heart

During this TV segment, Bryce Wylde tested the hosts knowledge on the connection between gum disease and heart health. The truth is, numerous studies have shown a correlation between the two. Healthy gums act as a barrier against harmful bacteria, preventing them from entering the bloodstream and affecting your overall health. This reinforces the importance of daily flossing in maintaining not just oral health but heart health as well.

Take the Step Towards Healthier Gums

We often overlook simple acts like flossing, but its benefits for our entire body are undeniable. With GUM’s convenient flossing options, taking that step towards healthier gums—and a healthier heart—is easier than ever.

For more insights into how you can protect your oral and heart health, visit gumhealth.ca and let’s not forget, healthier gums lead to a healthier life, and it all starts with the simple act of flossing.

Let’s make flossing a daily ritual. Your heart will thank you for it.

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