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I had the pleasure of appearing on the Moms Matter show to chat with host and LA Moms Magazine CEO Shirin Yadegar about detoxing the body. It was a lively discussion that turned quite naturally to the body’s master detoxifier, glutathione. I explained what it is, why we need it and how to get more of it into our cells, where it does its best work. 

Detoxification is the pedestal of my practice. We’re told to eat more fish, but there’s mercury in our waterways. We’re told to exercise more, but there’s smog all around us. Our bodies, just by virtue of eating and breathing, make toxins. Many of us are overwhelmed with toxins. Depending in part on our DNA, our bodies may not produce enough antioxidants to deal with them. And that imbalance can create health challenges. No one makes enough glutathione on their own to compensate for modern-day burdens. 

We’re told to eat more blueberries and a diet rich in all the colors of the rainbow, to sweep up this mess we call free radicals. Not many people know that glutathione, the master antioxidant, is already in every cell of the body. You need it to detoxify. 

Detoxifying is kind of like disposing of the scraps left over from a meal. You put some into the recycling bin, some into the traditional trash and some into compost. It’s all got to go somewhere. In this analogy, glutathione is incredibly important for getting the trash out of your house, into the garage, then curbside where the city can pick it up. If that process isn’t happening effectively, your house … your body … is overwhelmed with toxic debris. 

Everyone should supplement daily to support their glutathione levels. But here’s the problem. If you take glutathione orally, even if it makes it into the bloodstream, studies show that glutathione outside the cells doesn’t really work. In my clinic, when someone needs more glutathione, I’ve had to give them an intravenous push. That’s invasive and very expensive. 

Now science has come up with something called Glyteine, which is a direct precursor to glutathione and will help your body make more glutathione on its own. This news is such a breakthrough that I want to share it with the world. You can find Glyteine in a lime-flavored drink powder called Continual-G. Just mix it with water. Very quickly, you’ll be detoxifying better. 

This is something I’d recommend for every age and every stage. By taking this, you’ll know you’re amplifying your ability to throw out the trash. 

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