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If you are supplementing with Glutathione, listen up.  Supplementing with Glutathione will not work! Cellular detoxification using glutathione must be done right. I talk about this on the Spartan Up podcast with Joe De Sena. 

Glutathione is for more than “Detox”

More than 80,000 papers including this one on glutathione have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals. They all attest to the importance of this master antioxidant in your body to maintain health and wellness. In this paper, researchers prove a relationship to low levels and death from viral and bacterial infection.

Glutathione done right

Some industry experts estimate that glutathione supplement sales are in the vicinity of half a billion dollars annually. But… glutathione must be supplemented in a format the body can use. Taking regular Glutathione, L-Glutathione, Reduced Glutathione, S-Acetyl-Glutathione, Liposomal Glutathione, Micellized Glutathione, or even injecting it may not be so effective.  All of these forms don’t do a great job to get into the cell where Glutathione is needed to do its most important work.

The Glutathione Reporter

There is a one stop shop resource on “Gamma-Glutamylcysteine” (GGC) or “Glyteine” found at Unlike glutathione in any other form, GGC aka Glyteine can actually achieve intracellular status and push those levels beyond homeostasis. Once inside the cell – as a direct precursor of glutathione – Glyteine has been proven to significantly increase glutathione concentration in just 90mins.

GGC (sold as Continual-G) has also been proven to speed up recovery from exercise! For cellular detoxification using glutathione to be done right, you need to switch to Continual-G.  Continual-G is made in Cypress, Texas at the INID labs.
I have recently added this oral supplement to my routine and feel an incredible significant difference including no brain fog, higher energy, faster recovery from exercise, and reduced inflammation.
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