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Powdered Supplements: Worth the hype?
Powders supplements are a huge trend right now. Supplements from ground plants, vegetables and even algae are taking over store shelves. But are these powdered products really worth your money? And more importantly, do they really give you the health benefits they claim?
It’s time to “debunk the junk”, and get to the bottom of which powdered supplements actually live up to their promise.

  • Fiber:

This is one of the best powders out there. It has benefits ranging from weight control to lowering cholesterol and improving regularity.
The problem: most people don’t know which kind of fiber to take, and often end up taking the type that causes side effects like bloating, gas and diarrhea.
o   Look for a soluble pre-biotic fiber that is invisible, tasteless so you can add it to anything you are eating or drinking so you can add it every day.
o   Look for fiber powders that will provide you with regularity without uncomfortable side effects and good clinical research.

  •   Collagen:

This nutrient has benefits for both your skin and your joints. Clinical studies have shown the hydrolyzed collagen helps repair the cartilage in your joints and reduce wrinkles
The problem: Most powdered collagen is inferior forms of the nutrient, and will require taking massive doses to get any benefits.
o   A better option is collagen capsule or even liquids. Look for products with well clinically researched forms of collagen – that have BioCell Collagen on the ingredient label (a unique composition of type II collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid) – 4 human clinical trials support these claims

  •  Probiotics:

Probiotic-enriched foods and products are everywhere these days, but the powdered form is not the way to go. Simply put, probiotics are very delicate, and the powder will never reach your gut.
The problem: most probiotics don’t survive your stomach acids. Also It is important to look for strains that are known residents of the human digestive tract.
o   I used to tell people to buy refrigerated probiotics. I am excited now, because there is an option that saves money and does not have to be refrigerated. It is shelf stable. It is time-released so you get the full benefits hour-by hour
o   Look for patented time-released delivery so the healthy bacteria can make it past your stomach acids to where they are needed.
o    The Council of Responsible Nutrition just released the best practice guidelines for probiotics Raising the bar: CRN and IPA release best practice guidelines for probiotics

  • Protein powders

It is very important to do your research before buying a new protein powder. The first thing is understanding protein supplement basics. I like to start by showing the difference between milk and whey protein and which forms are best for you based on your exercise levels and objectives
The problem: There are many products out there that are garbage. Loaded with artificial colors, sweeteners and worst of all not including the actual quality protein you thought you were buying.
o  One has the choice of plant proteins, milk proteins, isolates, cold pressed whey etc. In the end, I feel most people would benefit from using whey concentrate. To build muscle, choose whey isolate because it’s got a higher amount of protein. Good vegan proteins are those that are properly sourced, contain all essential amino acids and nothing artificial.
o   Look for NSF on the label. If it doesn’t have that, put it back on the shelf because you may not be getting what you’re paying for, which means you may also not get the results you want. NSF International Certification confirms that the protein products are in compliance with standards for quality and purity. This certification represents the gold standard in the nutrition industry.
o   Insist on limited ingredients. Some protein products have added sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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