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While our DNA is similar, our microbiome, where most of our immune system resides, is unique. That may explain why one family member never seems to get sick, while everyone else is sniffling and sneezing. Custom protocols may help level the playing field. 

If you have chapped skin, you may need better hydration. Also consider ramping up your omega-3 intake to improve your skin’s barrier function. If you’re exposed to environmental toxins, the body also makes its best defense: glutathione. Glyteine, as found in Continual-G drink mix, safely prompts the body to quickly make more glutathione inside the cells, where it’s needed most. It helps to raise glutathione above homeostasis levels for better health benefits. 

And remember to get plenty of restorative sleep. The body does much of its repair at night, so sleep is essential to keep your immune system on full alert. Your depth of sleep matters as much as how many hours you’re clocking on your pillow. 

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