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Optimal body composition testing

Calculating your BMI is archaic and very inaccurate when it comes to deciding what types of changes you need to make to your physical form in order to keep optimal health. Bioimpedance analysis along with 3-D scanning is new and state-of-the-art technology which is all the rage in the fitness community! The combination of these measurements is the most precise way to determine how much excess fat tissue or deficiency of water or muscle mass your body withholds and will very effectively track the success of any modifications you make to your diet, lifestyle, or fitness routine. In mere seconds you will see a 3-D avatar of yourself which will highlight any problematic spots that you need to take action with

Testing is available at Wynn Fitness on the Esplanade 

Bryce will be speaking at Canfit Pro August 12-13 at the #worldfitnessexpo where he will be presenting 2 sessions on the subject of Natural Health Products and Getting Tested as well as meeting public in the expo hall 

Easy fat loss tips

– learn you’re hormonal levels, food sensitivities, and vitamin levels using an easy test from

– cut out every single bit of added sugar from your diet. Canadians consume more than 4 pounds of additional sugar a month!

– get spices into your diet. Many studies show spices like capsicum and curcumin increase metabolism. If you can’t stand the heat, encapsulate and swallow them

– our bodies are meant to push, pull, jump, squat, and lift! Circuit training is one of the most effective ways to increase muscle mass, drop fat pounds, get cardiovascular exercise, and full body range of motion all in one. 

– increase your fiber! Get soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet. Canadians are only consuming between 10 and 15 g where we need between 25 and 35 g daily 

– increase your protein! Women need a minimum of 65 g daily and they aren’t getting that! Look for isolated way protein powder like Bodylogix which is NSF certified and from “happy cows” to help you get necessary daily protein amounts to keep you trim

– achieve the necessary amount deep sleep by ensuring optimal sleep hygiene

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