#BTSleepWeek: What to eat and not to eat before sleeping

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Sleep facts:

  • 45% of Canadians wake up feeling groggy or tired from a poor night’s sleep on most mornings
  • 60% would take a short nap during the day if they could
  • 74% claim to get less than 7hrs – good news it’s not just about how many hours you clock on the pillow
  • 67% wish they had better quality
  • 20% use OTC or Rx meds to fall asleep

1) Use mindfulness technique using biofeedback (HeartMath.com)

2) Try natural remedies that work: pumpkin seed powder, valerian, magnesium, GABA. 

3) This is a neat home remedy hack: the hops pillow (this is so cool and it really works! You can get hops from an herbal store in loose form. The “lupulin” that you breathe in is sedating. it’s the reason why hops growers for the beer industries to fall asleep on the job!)

4) Implement sleep hygiene: keep room about 68 deg, totally dark and blacked out, intense work out should be done in the morning so as not to increase body temp, and wear socks so core temp goes down

5) Key nutrition: tart cherry juice, banana, small amount of carbohydrates (100-200 calories) 30 mins before bed, B6 vitamin rich food (like garlic and pistachio nuts) and calcium rich foods (like greens and organic dairy) help the brain use tryptophan to manufacture sleep triggering melatonin. Walnuts are a decent source of the amino acid  tryptophan. Almonds are rich in magnesium to help relax the nerves and enhance sleep. Chamomile tea can relax the nerves. There are also anecdotal reports of grapefruit juice enhancing sleep.

Items that are known to interrupt sleep like exceeds alcohol and caffeine and “energy drinks”

Dream Water is a fast acting, non-prescription liquid sleep aid that helps you sleep naturally.

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·         Taken 30 minutes before bed, Dream Water can become part of an improved sleep routine.

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