A potential cure for inflammation and immune balance!

Inflammation and immune imbalance is at the root of all health problems including complications from the common cold and flu

The best approach to bouncing back quickly is called immune modulation, or the Goldilocks principle. A suppressed immune system puts your body at risk of infection. An overactive (overly boosted) immune system puts you at risk of heightened inflammation that may lead to even more serious health concerns

Foods, herbs and optimal lifestyle can help us remain in good health by managing inflammation and immune regulation

Bryce tells BT viewers about some powerful Anti-Inflammatory and immune supporting foods and herbs which are both common (but which are best) and uncommon (but you can find them at your health food store or Asian grocer)

Bryce is currently conducting a small marketing research project with an intervention of 30 days of a natural health supplement (not available at retail) made of 5 all natural and safe ingredients (CoQ10, PQQ, NMN, Curcumin, and glutathione – all health Canada approved) bookended by a simple at home urine test before/after. More at www.CellF.com

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